There is nothing worse or funnier than being caught while checking out a guy, especially at the beach. When I saw someone wearing mirrored sunglasses the other day and realized that I couldn't see their eyes, this made me realize mirrored sunglasses would be perfect for checking out guys at the beach! These glasses are also a fun way to inject a touch of color in to your outfit for the day. After must browsing and searching I've come up with a list of glasses for the beach. Now all I have to do is choose one. Here is my list of wants all under $60. (Well except for the exceptions of my dream splurge pair.)
Top to Bottom/Left to Right 
1. Calvin Klein Jeans Wire Mirrored Sunglasses - $59.99
2. Marc by Marc Jacobs Colorful Mirrored Sunglasses - $98
3. Revo Modern Aviator Sunglasses - $9.99
4. Asos Round Sunglasses - $19.88
5. Asos Wayfarer Sunglasses - $19.88
6. Farrah Mirrored Sunglasses - $16
7. Spitfire Aviator Sunglasses - $38
8. Dr. Jays Mars Sunglasses - $9.28

How do you feel about the mirrored sunglasses trend?

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  1. I like them for the same reason, but don't tell my husband :D.



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