Chanel Paper Bag

This ladies and gentleman gives a whole new meaning to knockoff!! All you need is a steady hand, a brown paper bag, a sharpie marker, and a thin link chain (or a bunch of paper clips linked together). That is how this Chanel-inspired bag was created. What makes this tongue and cheek knockoff even betters is that the double Cs logo isn't perfect. I wonder if Karl Lagerfeld was amused by this hilariously genius will never know!
Now go- make your Chanel purse to add to your collection- I know you're dying to!


  1. So cool!!!
    Love that Chanel bag!!!

    Lovely blog!!


  2. I just came across your site, through Atlantis Home, I saw your comment.
    I bookmarked it and look forward to reading your fun posts in the future!
    Keep it up! I love the content.

    And the Chanel bag is just hilarious!!


  3. OH wow that is too fun. Next on my DIY!



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