Plump me baby!

So I'm not one that's real big on makeup and beauty products- mainly because I never know how to use them. But there are a few products that I love and live by.

LIPFUSION Micro-Injected Collagen Lip Plump

I love this so much that I'd spend more on it that what they ask. Most lip plumpers don't really deliver what you want, but this one does. I apply it to the bottom lip and then after putting the wand back in the tube I apply it to the top lip. Rub your lips together and with in a few minutes you should feel little bee stings on your lips. After a few more minutes your lips look fuller. Now their not going to look Jessica Simpson fish pout big but they have some fullness to them. I have small lips and at times they are pencil thing, and when I apply Lipfusion you can noticeably tell a difference. I wear "Bare" because I like to keep things natural and add only a hint of color. My best friends usually always wears the same lip gloss and the other day I finally talked her into trying mine and she loved it! You can find Lipfusion at Sephora, or a Ulta for $38. They also have a wide range of products but I haven't ventured that far yet. Break it down for ya:

Good Things:
-Comes in a wide array of colors to suit everyone
-Has a wonderful scent- kind of citrus'y but yet sweet
-I love the bee sting feeling- its kind of an addicting feeling- pain but yet fun. Okay now I sound warped.
-Actually adds fullness to your lips.
-Can be purchased online! (for those that like internet shopping)

Bad Things:
-A little sticky. If its windy out make sure your hair is pulled back or apply the lip gloss after you get to your destination.
-Fullness doesn't last all day. I usually apply it two to three times a day. (But then I like the stingy feeling)
-A little expensive if you're on a budget- but it's so worth it!


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