Purple and Studded! I Crave!

Ever since I saw these shoes I've been going NUTS trying to find them online to buy! They were worn my Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw in the upcoming Sex and The City Movie 2. The stunning "Brian Atwood Loca Heels"
US Weekly did a story in the current issue called "How Much the Clothes Cost" and listed the shoes as $835, but didn't say where to get them from...and well- I'M GOING NUTS! I must have these shoes.
Am I the only one that thinks they're so scrumptious?


  1. UPDATE: Apparently they are not purple but a light blue? Found this on a fellow bloggers site: They’re Brian Atwood Loca Platform Pumps in light blue suede with gold studding. One very special detail is that the sides of the shoes, instead of being the same as the rest of the material, are made of lucite. Doesn't matter the color- i still love them!!!


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