Recylcable and Stylish?!?!

One word- Plastic. Yes I'm referring to shoes surprisingly. And no I'm not referring to the jelly sandals we all used to wear back in the 80's. I'm referring to Melissa Plastic Dreams. I stumbled upon her designs this morning and was suddenly in dire need of finding a place where I can buy a pair. Unfortunately I have to wait till this weekend, but I can't wait to see how they'll feel on my feet. The line is Brazilian, but slowly making a huge splash in the States. The shoes are all made of plastic like material called Melflex. It’s entirely sustainable and recyclable when you’re through with your shoe. They even make a plastic shoe that has a velvety touch and look to it- and its waterproof! (Score!) For more info and pics of the shoes-which are sold in a lot of countries - go to:

Oh and by the way...I'm Tiffany and welcome to my blog! :)


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