Fall Nights and Skunks?

So this past weekend I went to a picnic for my cousin's graduation. He just got his PhD in Physical Therapy- first Dr. of the family :) It was a great day- beautiful warm weather, a crystal clear night, and lots of great company!
We spent the afternoon hanging around the house talking and catching up, taking walks to the creek, watching the PSU game, and then in the evening after eating delicious food we had a huge bonfire. What more could you ask for on a fall day?

Oh yes, this would be me holding a skunk. Wait, what!?!?! A skunk! Yes, a skunk. Crazy as it sounds, it is actually a friend of my Aunt's pet. It has it's stinker removed and is so cute and such a little cuddle bug.

I was in a french mood when I left the house- hence the baret. I'm wearing my favorite flip flops- Cobian, Seven jeans, Kohl's lace tank top, Forever 21 flannel, Tiffany's necklace, and a bunch of vintage bracelets and necklace.
Hope everyone had a great weekend! Unfortunately it's back to work :(


  1. WOW a skunk! That is definately something I need to put on my life's TO DO list.

    - pet skunk :)

    Very cute.

    Love the rolled up jeans! In fact my jeans are rolled up today too :)



  2. OMG, a pet skunk? Thats actually pretty awesome! I want to meet him/her!


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