Giveaway!: Birdie in a Tree

I am in love with this necklace! I've been looking for a gold necklace for a while now and haven't been able to find one that I absolutely want to wear everyday, and then I stumbled up Evelyn's etsy site: Beads by Evelyn and fell in love! This necklaces is so delicate and intricate that you can't help but notice it when someone is wearing it.

All of Evelyn's jewelry is eye catching- and there are so many pieces that I can not wait to add to my collection! I love the flower bracelets and the branch bracelets. So unique! And the branch words to describe them!
And the best part is the Evelyn will change or customize any of her jewelry for you. The Birdie in the tree necklace is usually 17" long but she changed it to 15" for me with a 1" extender so I can change the necklace depending on the shirt I'm wearing. She states on her profile: "So if you need posts on the earrings or clip ons, no problem. If you would like a different clasp on the necklaces or bracelets just let me know, even magnetic ones." How great is that!

To make your experience even better, Evelyn neatly ships the items securely wrapped in box tied with a purple bow. And she personalized my experience by including a thank you note! Honestly, little touches like this make me want to deal with people like Evelyn!

On to the giveaway!
I love this necklace so much that I've teamed up with Evelyn from Beads By Evelyn to offer you you own Birdie in a Tree necklace!

Contest Rules/How to Enter:
The giveaway is only open to US applicants.
TO ENTER: One entry per person! Please comment with your email address.
I would also love it if you subscribed/followed Yes...I'm a Shoe Whore!
BUT WAIT...there are two bonus entries!
2nd BONUS ENTRY: visit Beads by Evelyn and then leave me a comment here telling me what your favorite piece is.
3rd BONUS ENTRY: receive a 3nd entry into the drawing by mentioning this giveaway on your blog with a link back. Comment a third time with the link to your tip off.
Contest closes on October 30th & winner will be selected using

Good Luck everyone and please visit Beads by Evelyn and spread the word!

Photos courtesy of Beads by Evelyn


  1. yes, i know she is a total bitch. but girl knows how to dress! haha.
    yeah ill def pass the word! ill post it in my next post which will be this weekend :)
    but that necklace is so beautiful, i would love to win it! my email is:
    thanks for telling me about this, and the opportunity!

  2. just visited beads by evelyn..
    absolutely love everything on there pretty much. new fav site jewelry site!
    kinda hard to narrow it down but my fav peice was the "Rose Cameo Locket" (in gunmetal and green. its absolutely stunning!

  3. Aww thats a shame.

    I live in the UK :(

    What a cute necklace.

    Emmy x=)

  4. just posted about it, on my blog :)
    heres the link to it:


  5. I like the Silver Birdie on a Branch earrings. And they are really affordably priced!

    My email:
    My Etsy shoe store:

  6. I love a giveaway and that necklace is lovely! The delicate branches are dreamy.

  7. thankyou that means alot!:) my birthday is actually the 12th of November haha...stay in touch!:) x P.S. i do love that necklace!

  8. I love everything Evelyn has, but I especially love her acorn earrings! Any and all of them catch my eye :)

    I'd love to win the necklace -- gorgeous!

    Thanks for the chance!

    writing.meg [at]

  9. I LOVE the acorn earrings!

  10. Well isn't that just the cutest necklace I have seen in awhile! Nice choice Tiffany!


  11. It was a hard choice to pick a favorite, but I've got to say that the Guns n' Roses Bracelet wins my heart
    followed closely by this vintage jewels necklace :)Very J. Crew


  12. I LOVE THIS NECKLACE!!! I too have been looking for the perfect gold necklace.

    I love Evelyn's Golden Branch Bracelet. It's so delicate, yet fun at the same time.

  13. I love this necklace... I have a favorite silver necklace and am not boisterous in my jewelry so it's perfect!

  14. awww gutted its only open to US its so so pretty!! What about canada? If so can I enter please and I can give it to my aunt. My fav piece is that birdie in a tree I have a thing for bird jewellery!!

  15. i normally hate shiny gold, but that necklace is so lovely!!

  16. p.s. how beautiful is this? i think its my fav =)
    thanks for sharing her work with us!!


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