I swear I'm not an alien!

I swear I'm not an alien....just don't look at my feet! These shoes are from the Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2010 collection. These shoes are outrageous-almost other worldly like! The towering platforms and carved McQueen trademark skulls are so futuristic, and surprisingly...breathtakingly beautiful! I love how the fabric on some of the shoes look like an alien or animals skin-it really adds to the futuristic look. I have to admit that this is one of the most impressive collection of shoes I've seen during the Spring/Summer 2010 runway collections. In the world of designer shoes, Alexander McQeen reigns supreme in his niche market of terribly chic, ultra glam, fashion forward consumers. I doubt I would ever wear a pair of these shoes, but seriously- the workmanship and creativity that goes into making these is undeniably incredible! I can't wait to see if some of these shoes make it to market and who will actually brave the waters and wear them. We all know that we're bound to see Lady GaGa sporting a pair or two of these. But how about the other celebs? What do you think- would you wear any of these shoes?


  1. The ones with sparkles have an appeal about them, but would I wear any of them? Deffinitey not. There's something about the shapes which doesn't quite work for me. In general it's rare a platform appeals to me compared to the number I don't like. *shrugs*
    But good work Mr McQueen for providing something very interesting to look at that will no doubt end up in the V&A. :)
    Florrie x

  2. I actually think they are genius. The are weired but beautiful and sexy.

    My favorites are the PODEITTO (pod + stilleto) and the Alien Next Stilleto they reminde me of the movie Alien where the alien make a next on the ship.

  3. I still can't get over the McQueens.
    Got to give him creativity points, I guess.
    I'd like to see him use the concept to create wearable heels though.
    He's always fabulous :)



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