Just because it's Tuesday!

Ugh, why are Tuesday's always so rough?!? Today is a very rough Tuesday. Let's see, I started the morning by spilling my hot tea all over my desk and lap, which in turn made me look like I pissed myself. Good Morning! I should have stayed in bed! So I then went to my car in search of something dry to wear. What did I find? A bag full of clothes that I need to take to goodwill, which means out of date or too small!The result=I'm wearing white capri, palazzo/gaucho pants with a tan striped sweat with tea stains! FML!! Hey- at least I wore white underwear today. So now I'm sitting here at a very sticky desk that I keep cleaning but it doesn't help. Ugh- yep it's Tuesday alright.

With that said, I must complain a little more :) Do you know how hard it is to get traffic to your blog? It's very hard. My stat chart looks like my mood chart! So I'm asking and begging, please share my site with your friends, and leave me some love on here (ie:comments). I need motivation today to blog and I'm hoping my readers can help. Okay, with all that said- have a great day, and watch out for hot tea!


  1. well i saw those pix everywhere..dont think anyone is goin to wear them


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