Plastic and Comfortable!

Shirt: Hanes; Slip Skirt: Unknown; Tights: Forever 21; Bracelet: Amrita Singh; Shoes: Melissa

I know it's taken me over a month to get this post up, but the day after I purchased my first pair of Melissas' my camera died :( You might remember my first blog I did on Melissa's called Recylcable and Stylish, a brand coming on to the US scene. (For more info regarding the brand click here)

On to the review: The moment I slipped these 3 strapped heels on I felt like I was walking on a cloud. No lie! My sister was with me and grabbed the matching shoe and slipped it on. We were amazed at how comfortable they were! We were also wishing we had them the night before when we went out and dancing all night. We both instantly fell in love with these shoes and each walked out of Saks with a pair!
The shoes also have a fun scent- like bubblegum! At times, however it can be a little overwhelming, but never sickening. The back strap that wraps around the ankle has a little cushion going up the heel which is a perfect way to prevent rubs and blisters. The heel measures about 4" but has a 1" platform, and is very easy to walk in. I have to truck across a university campus every day to get to my office and had no problem walking in these.
Some might think that since they're plastic that your feet are going to sweat and smell like a pig in them. Amazingly- they don't sweat at all! The plastic is so breathable and light that I had no problems.

I can not go on enough about these shoes- I'm in love :) There are many different styles being offered, Saks only carries a few right now, but should be offering more soon.

Skirt worn as dress-Vintage; Belt-Vera Wang; Jean Jacket-Sonoma for Kohl's;Tights-Forever 21; Bracelet-Amrita Singh; Shoes-Melissa

I can honestly say that I will be adding more of Melissa shoes to my collection in the future! Sorry for my poor photos-was forced to take photos inside.


  1. Great shoes!


  2. yay! always happy to find vegan shoes that AREN'T Crocs! ;)


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