Rain, Rain, Rain!

I hate Rain! Why is it that when it's raining all you want to do is curl up in bed with a glass of wine watching a great classic movie? Or is that just me? When it's raining for some reason I never tend to be very fashionable- I always just wear the staple jeans, t-shirt, coat, and my trusty pink stripped rain boots! :)

Sorry for the old picture.
I'm loving the coat I'm wearing today though! Must do a post on it soon. It is an old vintage Chaps/Ralph Lauren coat that was my fathers back in the 70's. It is still in perfect condition and is now my fall coat. He got a chuckle out of the fact that I love wearing it.
I'm headed to the theater building this evening to take pictures of the cast for the upcoming production- maybe i'll find some cool vintage pieces to borrow for the fall while I'm there. We have the largest costume storage room I've ever seen! Racks and racks of treasures waiting to be worn!! :)

Would love comments on what people think of my photography. Hope everyone enjoys the weekend and hopefully it's not raining where you're at. Till its dry outside I bid you all adieu :)


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