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Yes, I'm going to admit it and I'm not ashamed! I am in love with Britney Spears! ha ha! Maybe it's cause she makes me feel like I'm 12 again or that her music is catchy but I do like her- and yes I did go to her concert- which totally kicked ass! Okay, with all of that said and out of the way- I need shoe help! Miss Spears released her newest video for the song "3" and I'm loving the one pair of shoes from the video. Problem is I who the designer of these is. That's where you come in. Can someone please help me and tell me who designed them? Thank you!

click here to check out her new video!


  1. those shoes are amazing! id love to know what designer they are.. sorry :(

  2. i'm also in love and have been dying to know, but i couldn't grab a good enough screen shot.. maybe take your pic over to shoeblog? they're pretty amazing there at that kinda thing....

    love your personal style btw!


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