So Hard To Say Goodbye

Oh I'm lusting and drooling and feeling a little weak in the knees! When I first saw Jane and Judy Aldridge wear these stunners I fell in love but couldn't find them anywhere in the tan. I own too much black and need to broaden my shoe color pallet. But today I stumbled on looking for things to complete my fall wardrobe list and sure enough there they are on the front shoe page! But now I'm torn! What do I do? On my fall list to get among other things is a pair of brown boots/heels that I can wear out and to work. These Prada Slingbacks I'm afraid aren't office work appropriate. Oh what to I buy them and savor them forever or do I spend my money on a much needed new camera? I know what the right decision is but it's just so hard to say goodbye...((tear)) Damn it what I need is a sugar daddy! Any takers? What would you do?


  1. omg i felt the same when i saw her sporting these prada's. they are amazing.

  2. ive tried these babies on (in black) and they are INSANE! GET THEM :) you'll regret it if you dont... ;)

  3. i guess, it's better to invest your money for
    a camera than a shoe but..
    those are pretty shoes and i'm sure you they
    will look good on your feet.

  4. Hi ! I am french and i have a blog like you ! That shoes are faboulous <3
    Bisoux !


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