Is My Tonuge Red?

I got caught trying to open a packet of Starburst! My favorite candy but for some
reason my tongue is always red after I eat them.
Shirt and Shorts- Target; Tights- Kohls (Apt 9); Sweater-Aerie; Booties- Kenneth Cole Reaction

This would be my baby Star* on my lap trying to give me kisses. See a better picture of her below.
Don't you just love these tights and suede ankle booties? I swore I would never give into the ankle boots craze but then I saw these, tried them on, and caved in. The are so comfortable and versatile. I wore an outfit similar to this to work the other day and just felt so cheeky-especially with these lace fishnets on. Of course the skirt I was wearing was a little longer than these shorts. I'm so loving these shoes but there is a slight problem-the right foot is a little to small. Anyone have any tips or advice for stretching them out?
Love of my life :) My dog Star*

I just want to take a second and thank you all for stopping by my site and all of your kind comments! I really do read each and everyone and I check out all of your blogs! Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!! xoxo-Tiffany :)


  1. the tights and boots are both lovely! I already had ankle boots so luckily did not have to go buy new ones, just dug out my old ones!

  2. oh i SO NEED those tights! thank you for to check out Kohls!

  3. LOVE the booties. I'm not really a suede person but yours make me want a pair!

  4. I freaking adore your tights. You look amazing in them. You picked just the right outfit to go with them. Great boots too. :)

  5. Love the tights and boots, very cute!

  6. hi, i just found your blog and i like it. amazing post and such a cute dog. and me too, i'm crazy over shoes... do visit my blog.

  7. Love those boots. Perfect heel height!

  8. Thanks for stopping by at my blog regularly by now!
    These ankle boots are really cute indeed, they seem to be perfect!


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