Shiny and Sparkly

So a few weeks ago I was browsing through the theater building for a Halloween costume to borrow and I came across this beautiful teal crop jacket with a sheath dress. Well I didn't take the dress but this jacket was perfect and tailored to me! So off she went to the cleaners to get all polished up!
The jeweled collar has a mixture of beads, sequins, and crystals.

This would be Maggie, my Westie, checking up on me
And this would be Maggie deciding I needed to hold her as she jumped up on me during the picture!
Wearing Hudson Jeans, Elle-Kohl's Tank top, Vintage crop jacket, Target/Mossimo Boots

I am so in love with the color of this jacket! And it's light enough that I can wear it all year round. I'm not sure which era it comes from. By the style and look of the dress I would get sometime in the 60's. I'm not good at determining the age of clothing. Unfortunately it did not have any labels either. 

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  1. Naaaw your puppy is so cute!
    The detailing on the jacket is amazing!

  2. love the header; me too girl!
    and the pumpkin picture below is adorable

  3. hey! just found this blog and LOVE it - I am more of a shoe wanna-whore, one who WOULD have too many shoes if she could darned well afford them.

  4. Beautiful jacket, but your seeking love pup is just too cute :)))

  5. Love the black and white picture! Gorgeous.


  6. that is a gorge jacket!

  7. i think you'd enjoy my style blog, i cover fashion and design.

    loves x


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