Stuffy nose?- CHECK
Sore throat?- CHECK
Cough?- CHECK
Feeling like you got hit by a truck?- CHECK

Yep, it's definitely fall!

Sorry I've been absent all week but fall is here and somehow I managed to pick up pink eye along with a cold! At least my heels still look hot :) One up side- I found these amazing Halls that are watermelon flavored! Talk about a taste of summer when you're feeling crappy. I promise I'll be back next week with lots of new things. I've got great things coming up including interviews with fellow bloggers, and a look at the accessories you've seen me wearing. Along with a few Thanksgiving Pumpkin recipes to help kick off the holiday season!

Can't wait for this weekend! I'm headed away with my sister to a Indoor Waterpark/Spa!! Of course I'll be doing some shopping since I'll be in the DC area. So I hope every has a great rest of the week and a fabulous weekend!!



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