Happy December!

I love this time of year! The Christmas lights and music, the smell of snow lingering in the air, the fresh cut trees being decorated and homemade cookies being baked. I love it all! I'm so excited that it is finally time to decorate my office for the holiday and play my Christmas music. I'm a huge music lover and have to admit I've been listening to Christmas music since the middle of October but have been doing so through headphones. Now I can play it loud and not care when my coworkers bitch!

I was working on my christmas lists for my mom and took a little stroll through Anthropologie.com I am in love with their clothes! And their ads....memorizing!
(Top Row-Aflush Necklace, Aurorae Scarf; Bottom Row-Svalbard Socks, Earth's Caverns and Bits-of-Ice Bracelets)

This is from their Frozen Assets section! How awesome is this- makes me want to run home and put my things in water to freeze so I can take amazing pictures like this.

(Top Row-Century Club Earrings, Snow Rabbit Necklace; Bottom Row-Vintage Watch, Filigreed Feather Earrings)

I think these snow globes filled with their accessories is the most endearing photos ever. I remember as a little kid making my own snow globes and seeing these takes me right back to that moment. I'm also loving the jewelry. Those green earrings are so chic! I made a Christmas List on Athropologie and picked some of my favorite sweaters and accessories to share with everyone-click here to take a look at my picks.
Tell me what your favorites are!

Hope everyone has a great day! Thank you for all of your sweet and kind comments and support. Truly means a lot to me!


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