Season to yourself!

This Jules Smith Friendship necklace is so unique! It looks like a butterfly when it's together but separates into two unique pieces. It was a Christmas present to my best friend Tricia and she absolutely loved it!

Shirt- Old Navy; Belt-BCBG Max Aria (From a dress); Skirt- Forever 21; Tights- Assets; Shoes-PRADA
Necklaces- Vintage and Jules Smith; Ring- Kohls and Forever 21
My first pair of Prada shoes and I couldn't be more in love! The studding, the scrumptious! I know Christmas is the season to give and I did...I gave to myself! Christmas is only 2 days away and let me tell ya something I've lived by ever since I was a kid. I think every person deserves a little something during the holiday season after dealing with all the crowds of people while shopping! That is why every Christmas I splurge on a little something for myself. I think we should all do this! It doesn't have to be an expensive pair of Prada shoes- it could be a cd we've been wanting or a piece of to die for cheesecake! Just something fun to put a smile back on our faces :) So get out there- shop and make sure to get a little something for yourself as well!

I know I've been sorta slacking on the photos on this site, but after months of camera issues I believe everything is finally resolved! Which means more photos :) I'm slowly learning how to use my new SRL camera and have managed to snap some adorable pictures of my girls!I made this little animation with a few of the pictures. I'll post more soon!

I just want to thank you all for checking out my blog and leaving comments! You and your blogs all motivate me and inspire me. Please follow me on Bloglovin or on Twitter! And pass the word on to friends to check out my blog.

Have a great day!!! xoxo-Tiffany

PS-I'll have more giveaways starting in January!


  1. WOW love those Pradas! Merry Christmas, and happy New Year! Can't wait for more giveaways...

  2. Happy Holidays and a very happy new year!
    Everything is nice and lovely in these pictures: the room, the tree and last but far not least: you! The dress is very nice and don't get me started on the shoes :D

  3. I was just thinking "those shoes are absolutely sick" and then I see that they are by Prada and I'm like, "I'm bloody course."

  4. Wooo, I love those shoes <3 And your doggie is just about the cutest thing ever.


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