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Happy Monday lovely readers! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! First I want to thank you all for reading my blog and entering my 2nd giveaway! I hope to keep offering you giveaways in the future so please keep on visiting!
Congratulations to Pixie Dust who was the lucky winner of the $25 giftcard!
Pixie Dust- please email me so I can get the gift card to you. (Didn't see your email in the comments)
Onward: I have to share this with you because it was literally the first day ever I did this- I always say I'm going to do this but then things come up and before you know it I'm showered and ready to go. Well yesterday I was determined to do absolutely nothing for the whole day but lounge and spend time on me. And I did! It was the best day too- you might think it was boring but it was so nice to just do nothing!

I woke up yesterday and lounged in PJ's and had two cups of tea and breakfast with my parents, made a quick run to the movie store, and then laid in bed all day till dinner painting my nails, drawing in my sketch book, and watching movies with the dogs. I watched "The Other Boleyn Girl", "Vanity Fair", and "No Reservations". I then had a yummy dinner and spent the evening watching the football game. I suggest that you all do this once in a while! It was much needed and it was great to recenter and spend some much needed quality time with my pup. She loved it- four feather down blankets, multiple pillows, and food all over the bed- her dream come true! But now I'm back to reality of work and 6am wakeup and showers.
You know what brightens my day? Sparkles! I'm addicted :) It can be a ring or a necklace, a skirt or shirt, or a little bling on my bra- I always have to have a little sparkle in my day. And now I want to introduce you to Gryphon. Her clothes are so unique and beautiful- not everything sparkles but these few items caught my eye this morning:
From Top (L-R) to Bottom (L-R): (Metal Sequin Tank; The Sequin Shorts; The Sequin Strip Mini Dress; Sequin Blouson Jacket)

Gryphon's designer is Aimee Cho who is a former Fashion Writer for Vogue Magazine, where she worked for 6 years. Cho gives classic pieces new life with a romantic yet strong touches. She once said: "Your clothes should never be too precious. I believe in special-occasion clothes worn in an everyday way." Jane and Judy Aldridge from Atlantis Home and Sea of Shoes recently collaborated with Gryphon on a trench for the Spring 2010 Line and I am loving every detail of this coat! Especially the little pouch on the front! This coat would be great for the upcoming spring showers :)
photo from

So go check out Aimee's Gryphon collection- I know you will love it!
Now do me a favor- tell me what brightens your day :)


  1. I am so excited and happy!!! :)) This is the 1st giveaway I've ever won :) And I love the prize :)
    I just sent you an email :)

  2. The trench is so great!! I love the sleeves on it and the little side pocket!!! Great find!

    Oh and I'm glad you finally got a day to do you! I wish I could've enjoyed a girly w/ you... well you'll just have to come visit me!

  3. That coat is adorable!
    I love the buttons and the little purse <3

    Taking the time to just relax is very important :)

    xx Sophie

  4. Ahhh that trench is delicious! Those sequin shorts are too!



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