Phi, Gamma, that's not it...Nu, Sigma, it's Alpha Beta Chic and she is chic! Who you might ask? I'm talking about Patty Ann from AlphaBetaChic! Sometimes you find a blog that catches your eye because of their creativity and uniqueness and AlphaBetaChic did just that. I love how this girl is not afraid of fashion at all! She plays with textures and layers and is a genius at DIY. Her pictures are fun and edgy and leave you wondering if you could ever pull of an outfit as well as she did. I love doing these interviews because I love learning more about the person behind the pictures.

I hope you all love Patty Ann's blog AlphaBetaChic as much as I do! Please click on the link below to get to know the person behind AlphaBetaChic and check out her blog afterward!

Let’s get to know you:
What would you like me to call you by? Patty Ann!
How tall are you? 5 ft 6in
What is your nerdiest hobby? Following the stock markets

Let’s talk about your amazing pictures:
What camera do you use? Sony Cybershot personal cam, still saving up for a DSLR!
Who takes your photos? Professional self-timer skillzzzz plus tripod
What photo editing software do you use? Photoshop
How often do you take photos? I have “binge photoshoots” on the weekends of all my outfits each week haha
Let’s talk about the blog:
Why did you start to blog?
I started keeping a blog because it’s an outlet to connect with other fashion-minded people.  I enjoy documenting my adventures in personal style and observing how it changes over time and even on a daily basis.  I tend to think of AlphaBetaChic as my fashion diary—fashion through my eyes.
What do you think you bring to the fashion blog world? Hopefully the fact that you can have a chic wardrobe without blowing your wallet. Just be creative…hello DIY!
Have you ever regretted blogging your style (and life) online? No, I’ve only regretted not blogging sooner!!!
Have you ever felt like blogging was bad for you? If yes, why? Maybe, because it takes my attention away from homework!!!
Let’s talk about your style:
Describe your style:
I try to switch it up, but I always come back to girly and feminine looks.  Pouffy skirts, romantic tops, high heels, delicate stockings, I eat up all of that doll-like stuff.
Do you prefer buying a few key designer items that you wear a lot or does your wardrobe consist of mostly high street or e.g. vintage or from markets? For handbags, I definitely prefer quality material, but it doesn’t have to be designer.  For shoes, I’d rather have many, many, many different designs…I think my 100+ shoes speak to that! For clothes, vintage tends to be my favorite because it usually has more design quality without being overpriced. And I’m in love with Forever 21.
Where do you get inspiration for your outfits? When I have “nothing to wear” moments in the morning, I flip through my journal where I keep all my outfit ideas. I write down color combinations I like or shape/proportion silhouettes I find interesting/flattering. I get ideas from flipping through books, magazines, blogs, etc.
What do you consider the biggest fashion faux pas? Label whoring. I hate when people wear designer head to toe. Flashing designer logos is the worst.
What was your style like growing up? I’ve always been a stockings and tights girl, since long before they became trendy.  I had a “pink” phase for a long time where I wore pink dresses, pink skirts, pink jackets, pink everything. About  1/3 of my closet is pink. And another phase where I only wore mini skirts, I have over 100 mini skirts.
If you only had to wear one label/designer for the rest of your life, who would it be and why? Chanel because it’s classic, feminine, and sophisticated with edgy accessories thrown in.  (Like this bag here or these sunglasses here) 
Have you always been interested in fashion?  I’ve always loved fashion, and I’ve been designing and DIY-ing ever since I was like 5. But it wasn’t until sophomore year of high school that I started shopping. I used to wear a uniform everyday, even on free dress days too, because I didn’t have any clothes, not even jeans. I think I’ve made up for lost time, though!
Who is/are your favorite shoe designer(s)?
Michael Kors
What do you think about the importance of the shoes in an outfit? Important during the day, not so important at night. Black pumps always work.
Let’s talk about your favorites:
Favorite accessories right now:
My huge bow hairband from Forever21 (click here)  Also, I’ve obsessed with excessively jewelry layering.  Bold, chunky, attention-grabbing necklaces, armfuls of bracelets, and wearing 8 or 9 rings at a time.
Favorite pair of shoes right now: The favorite spot usually goes to my most recent shoe purchase, right now being these silver boots from Forever 21. (click here) 
Favorite purchase for fall: This military jacket I bought in Japan, I call it the “Napoleon” (click here)
Favorite kind of candy: Sour Patch, Sour Punch, anything sweet and sour!!!
Favorite place in the whole world: Home.
Favorite thing/ outfit to wear that makes you feel amazing: Any one of my ball gowns or formal floor length dresses. It’s my guilty pleasure. 
Favorite food and drink: I live off of Sour Punch candy, and hydrate on coffee, diet coke, and red bull.
Who is far and beyond your favorite band/musician? Lady Gaga.  I’m also a huge unabashed Britney fan.
Favorite designer and why? Ralph Lauren, hands down, I don’t think there is a single runway look that I’m not madly in love with. Chanel, Erin Fetherston and Marchesa are up there too.
A Few Last Things:
Who would you consider the ultimate style icon?
Maybe the Olsen twins because they wear tons of vintage. There are tons of stylish people out there that don’t have media attention unfortunately.
What impression do you want to leave on the people that visit your blog? That we could be friends!
The Threes:
Top three favorite places to shop in your city:
Wasteland (a surprisingly clean vintage store), Forever 21, and Rugby.
Three trends you will be rocking this fall: Crazy embellished sunglasses, all types of gloves, and huge hair pieces (little hats, bunny ears, huge hair bows, feathers, etc)
Three things in your closet you cannot live without:  Deep red flannel plaid button down, white cotton button down, worn-in brown belt.
Anything you would like new/current readers to know about you? That I’m always down for a blogger/reader meetup!

Thank you Patty Ann for allowing me to interview you! I enjoyed learning more about you :)
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All pictures from AlphaBetaChic

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  1. Totally agree on the Chanel! Love this girl and her blog! :D

  2. I love patty ann and have just done a clothes swap with her cant wait for the parcel to arrive coz i know there will be some awesome stuff in it!

  3. Great feature! She's adorable!



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