Decorate Rather than Expose

"Jewelry should be worn to decorate rather than expose wealth"-Coco Chanel
Jewelry Tree-Red Envelope; Black/Silver Chain Necklace-Vintage (my grandmothers)
Multi Colored Stone Necklace-Vintage (my grandmothers); Brown Stone Necklace-Target; Starfish Necklace-Tiffany
Chamilia Bracelet- just got it for Christmas :)
Flower Pendant- Vintage (my grandmothers)
Virgo Turquoise Bracelet-Vintage (my grandmothers- we share the same birthday)
Star Necklace- Ebay many years ago; Heart Locket- Tiffany; Friendship Wing- Jules Smith
Sapphire/Dimond Tennis Bracelet- Gift (From parents for high school graduation);
Silver Twig Bracelet-Gift from previous boss (She brought it back from Chile)
Birdie in a Tree Necklace-Beads by Evelyn; Key Necklace-; Fish Necklace-Forever 21; JC Cross- Gift

I had been wanting to do this post for sometime now but my point and shoot had been acting strange and I didn't know how to use my SLR. Well now I know how to use my SLR. These are the necklaces and a few bracelets that I have been wearing lately. I recently was given a few of my grandmother's pieces from my mom and am so in love with them. The black/silver chain I have been wearing almost everyday with shorter necklaces since it's so long. I tend to sometimes over accessorize but I don't really care. I love jewelry and can never have enough on. Like Coco said- "Jewelry should be worn to decorate rather than to expose wealth." I do have much more than this but I like to keep some away and then cycle my jewelry around so I don't get bored with the same stuff. And now I got this beautiful Jewelry Tree to display my necklaces. For some odd reason every time I see the tree it makes me smile.

I've been thinking a lot about my blog lately. I love writing this blog and I have so much fun but I used to get a little discouraged when I would look at my stats and than got extremely discouraged when no one commented on my video. So over new years I've vowed I would not look at my stats anymore and I would continue to write this blog for me! So I've sorta decided to make it like my own little diary. It's true that I am a shoe whore but I want my blog to be so much more than just about shoes. That's why you'll see outfit posts, giveaways, jewelry, music I'm loving, recipes that I can't get enough of and much more. I've always been the type of person that just puts themselves out there and doesn't think twice about it. So I hope I never offend any of you or bore you. And if you have any tips, suggestions, words of wisdom...I would love to hear it! I seriously do read all of your comments and those comments have kept me motivated!! So much love goes out to each of you!

"Jewelry should be viewed with innocence, with artlessness, just as we enjoy the sight of an apple tree in blossom at the side of the road as we speed past in a motor-car."-Coco Chanel


  1. So pretty! I have some of my grandmother's jewelry too. It's the best. I like Coco's view of jewelry.

  2. Hi Tiffany!
    I think it's the old pieces that mean the most.

    I wanted to comment and become a follower because I recently started a blog, and I've been hoping that people would read it and follow! So I feel you're pain! But I agree that you can't check those stats all the time. If you do it for yourself, then you can't keep checking.

    Anyway, you don't have to follow mine; I won't be hurt. That's not why I'm writing. :)

    You take your jewelry seriously, don't you???? It's neat that you're having fun. Keep up the photography, too. :)

  3. I'm a shoe-whore too haha :)
    love the blog title, and this jjewelry!

    happy new year <3


  4. Ps. Where did you get the decorative item on which to hang all your necklaces onto from? :)


  5. Aw dont be disheartened, you have a sweet blog, it takes ages to get it built up, just keep doing what you love. My dad likes to quote the movie Field of Dreams to me 'built it and they will come' LOL xx

  6. Just came across your page and loved it! Don't get discouraged and keep up the good work!


  7. First: the jewelry is really nice, I guess a lot of people would go crazy for them!

    About the blog...well, I suppose everyone who starts one has an idea how it should develop, to have many readers etc. But things can change during time, the ditor gets disfocused - this happens to almost everyone, otherwise the blog would become super boring. Because of this change, readers will visit the blog and it slowly starts to work out well - not that you'd care about the stats anymore, just sayin' ;)

    Keep up the great work, even if you feel you're doing it for yourself only. I have the feeling that blogs are today's best tool to let the steam diary, if you want, that some people read secretly :)

  8. This is a wonderful New year's resolution to make. I know how discouraging it can get to look over your stats, but making it more like a diary is better! I love these shots of your jewelry tree with all those delicious necklaces. Makes me want to get a jewelry tree and make my own bling plant ;)

  9. Amazing collection!! I just love all of them.. i love necklaces and all kinds ouf jewelry...

    xoxo L.

  10. I love the jewelry tree!
    It's such a pretty way to display your jewelry.

    About blogging for you yourself and not getting much comments..
    At least you get comments.. :P
    Nobody bother comment on my blogs, but then again my blog isn't all that interesting.. ^^''
    Continue writing :D


  11. Im a shoe whore too!! I design shoes! I just came across your blog! love the jewelry! Im going to start following you!

  12. ou have a stunning collection of jewelry and the pictures you've taken are exquisite

  13. looooooove!

    mine are all hanging on push pins... maybe I should remedy that! lol

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