Fashions Fade, Style Is Eternal

"Fashions fade, Style is Eternal" ~Yves Saint Laurent
My mother said Saturday afternoon as we left the house to go grocery shopping, "Who wears sequins to go grocery shopping?!" I do! I saw this sweater on a mannequin at Kohl's and fell in love. I've been looking for a simple cardigan with some bling to layer over tank tops and who would have thunk I would find it at Kohls! Well I stripped that mannequin faster than you could blink since the racks only had it in an XL and an XS. And yes, I wore it grocery shopping on Saturday and I loved every minute of the stares! (I live in an area where sweat pants are a fashion staple of most peoples outfits.- no offense!) I didn't even think I was that dressed up to grocery shop. I did contemplate wearing this full sequin sheath dress but thought it'd be a little too much for the fruit section. ((I'm trying something new- make sure to click on the link at the bottom of each post that say "CLICK HERE TO READ MORE" to see more pictures!))
wearing- ring, tank top and sequin cardigan- Kohls; Michael Kors jeans; Kenneth Cole Reaction booties
Ugh my hair looks orange stripped in these pictures! I am trying to get rid of the redness in it so I dyed it a darker brown. It looks better in person- but these pictures- yuck! I think its time I see a professional. Trying some new things with my pictures- like no photo editing and no flash! (except the first one was edited) Tell me what you think :)


  1. Lol you're cool with the sequins :) The pictures are nice as well, especially the first two of them are really good!

  2. You look so beautiful!!! I love your ensamble!! I can't wait till you come to Philly so we can style each other!!!

  3. I'm a sequin addict too! Love sequins. AND I hated dying my hair so much because it was never ever right, so I just grew it out and then chopped all the colour off! HA. I miss my long hair a lot though. Good luck!



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