Glamour is a state of mind!

"Style is what one creates...Glamour is a state of mind!" - Rachel Zoe
American Eagle Wide Leg Trouser Jeans (like 5 years old!); Black Old Navy T-Shirt; Black Fleece Gap Gloves; 
Forever 21 Leopard Coat; Kenneth Cole Reaction Ankle Booties, Black Vera Wang (Kohls) Beanie

I love animal prints and have been looking for a crop leopard coat for sometime now that wasn't huge feeling. The other day while in DC I walked into Forever 21 and there on their 30% off  rack was this coat and I fell in love! My sister didn't really understand and people in the check out line were looking at my purchase like I was nuts but I love it and I don't care! And to top it off it's incredibly warm! For once it was actually sunny here and I just couldn't let the sun go to waste so I ventured up to the park by my house and got these fantastic shots. Sorry for so many but I just love these pictures. The leopard just stands out against the snow! Just incase you're wondering- it was about 23 degrees that day and there was about a foot of snow on the ground- as you can see in my one picture my feet are sunk into it.
I love this pictures- I was playing on this bouncy horse thing and was just enjoying myself. It truly was such a beautiful winter day.  It's days like this that make me love where I live! Oh- don't forget to enter my Stay Cute Giveaway!! It ends next Friday!

Have a wonderful night!

PS-just got Photoshop Elements for my mac and have been trying it out- any feedback, tips, or advice are greatly appreciated! :)


  1. You're right it does stand out great against the snow. You look beautiful, stylish, and like you're having a ton of fun!! Really... great pics :)

  2. You could be a model, Tiff. You look really pretty. :) You should use one of these pics as your profile photo.

    Was this before or after you popped your hip out by running in your sleep? :)

  3. omgggg snow!!! i love this, you look like a little cat in the snow! cute! and i like the picture of the shoes in the snow, how did u take that??? weren't ur feet freezing when u took off ur shoes?

  4. Haha- Soprano- it was way before I popped my hip out :)

    Patty- I actually had a pair of uggs that I wore up to the park and changed into my heels before I took the pics. I was hiking all over the place that day and knew I'd break an ankle if I did it all in heels :)

    Thanks for all your compliments!

  5. I love that coat! there's something about an animal print that when used properly can make anything glamorous..

  6. Looks like you had a lot of fun, the coat looks nice!
    As for the Elements, look for tutorials, they are the best way to learn! I'm using the simple PS CS3.
    Btw, who took the pictures?




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