Gold cannot be pure, and people cannot be perfect.

"Gold cannot be pure, and people cannot be perfect." -Chinese Proverb
Stacked Ring, Black and White Flower Ring-Kohls; Black Flower Ring, Double Finger Arrow Ring-Forever 21; Owl Ring- FredFlare
Gold and Silver Diamond Band Rings- Kohls; Coach Miranda Script Ring- Coach; All other rings- gifts
Gold, Silver Elephant Ring, Cheetah Ring, Bow Ring-Forever 21; Pink Sapphire Ring-Vintage (my grandmothers); Heart Ring- Gift
I found some mirrors lying around the house this weekend and was just playing with my camera when I got the idea to show you what is usually on my fingers. These are just a selection of the rings that I wear- I have more but as with the necklaces I keep some of them away so I can pull them out later and feel like I have new jewelry with out buying anything. I've been wearing a lot of silver this year and I'm really into big statement rings or animals. The elephant rings right now are probably one of my favorite and they are very heavy pieces. The pink sapphire ring is one of those that you wear on special occasions. It was my grandmothers and when she passed my mother gave it to me since my grandma and I share the same birthday. It used to have a blue sapphire in it but she didn't like how dark is was and wanted to be a little different so she had it swapped. Have I ever said I'm alot like my grandma? I am :) I also love the bow ring- I wear it on my middle finger so if I ever need to flip someone off I've wrapped it with a bow- ha ha! Sorry for the poor lighting- I think I need to invest in lights soon.

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! I took some fun photos outside that will be posted in the next few days-want to keep tabs on me? Follow me with Twitter!

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  1. omg those are all your rings? :O :)) I LOVE them, I'm a real ring lover :)) <3 Your blog is so cool :)) If you have the time, have a look at mine, I think you might find it interesting :) xx

  2. i don't think there's a single one i wouldn't want to steal!
    love your collection!

  3. Tiff:
    I think your photos look professional!!!!

  4. Ooo these came out sooo good... they look so sparkly that because of the ice?? Can't wait to see your new pics!

  5. omggggggggggg so jealous i love all those rings. these pictures are soooooooooooo pretty, i thought it was one of those really pretty pics from a showroom or smtg! and i totally know what you mean about putting away some stuff so it feels like new! i do that with clothes, i leave the tags on so that it feels like new when i cut off the tags for the first time!

  6. absolutely love your little collection, great images too!

  7. What I great idea for the mirrors and I love the owl ring!!!! Really great blog and thank you for stopping by mine!!!


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