Unconditional Love- Part 1

Nothing brings a smile to my face faster than when my niece walks through the door. I can not express how much I unconditionally love this girl! She's so bright and intelligent, but yet very comical and theatrical as well. She loves fashion but yet loves to play in the mud. She can instantly turn my frown into a smile by her jokes and unconditional love. (Did I make you saw awe yet?) My sister says that she looks up to me and dresses like me. Not to be coincided but I'd have to agree- she's turning into such the fashionista. She loves to come home and play with my makeup and try on all my shoes; she sleeps in my shirts and always tries to go home with my jewelry on; and always asks me to flat iron her hair. I love when she visits!

This past weekend my sister and her kids came to visit and we ended up taking a trip to Barnes and Nobles which turned into a photo opt time for Zoie and I. She wanted me to teach her how to take pictures so I did and she fell in love with the camera just as I have.
Just FYI- her skirt had little black short attached to it underneath. 
Greatest invention ever- why don't they make skirts like that for adults?
My other niece Grace- she was born on the 4th of July!

Wearing-White Elle Tanktop (Kohls); Victoria Secret Sheer Sweater; Sonoma Jeans (Kohls); Suede Knee High Brown Boots (from years ago); Coach Purse; Various Jewelry (See Jewelry Posts for details-here and here)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Come back on Saturday to catch part two of this post!


  1. AAAA I love these pictures...they're great! Zoie looks so adorable. I love the one with you and the backround faded out.

  2. Aw <3
    That's so sweet!
    She kinda reminds me of my little sister.. Only my sister is older and she doesn't borrow my stuff, she steals it.. xP

    Love the photo of you with the book. And the one with you and Grace! So adorable!

    xx Sophie


  3. So adorable, both of them :)) I love my little twin cousins that way, they are the cutest little monsters <3

  4. LOVE the blog with the girls and you! This site of yours is sooooo awesome! I had no idea!! So proud of you....baby sis!

  5. Cute pictures, the second to last one is simply brilliant!
    I wonder if she's going to blog when she gets old enough :)


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