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First let me say I don't know how I came across this girls blog but when I did I was sick with jealousy...a good jealousy! Her style is impeccable, and I am totally lusting over every pair of shoes she owns. (You wouldn't happen to be a size 8 would ya?) She literally owns my dream closet! On top of that not only is she beautiful but her photos are amazingly beautiful as well. Who am I talking about you might ask? Amy from Chaussures á la mode. If you haven't stumbled upon her blog I suggest you go visit her blog (after you read her interview here of course) and leave her some comment love. She's rather new to the blogging world but I know she is going to be a blog you constantly want to read. Not only will you find outfit posts on her blog, but you'll also find upcoming trends to watch and love, styles to try, stores to shop at, and just everything about Amy.

So read all about Amy from Chaussures á la mode here and then make sure you go check out her blog. I hope you all love this blog as much as I do!

Let’s get to know you:
What would you like me to call you by? Ummm if anything goes I will like to go by the next Ana Wintour, but for now I think Amy will do.
How old and tall are you? I am 20 and about 5’7” … in heels
Three words to describe yourself? Shoe-obsessed-fashionista 
What do you do for life? Job/ study? Both! I work as a legal assistant and I am Journalism major.
What is your nerdiest hobby? It would have to be reading, because I get so much into the stories that I even start highlighting and putting post- its everywhere.

Let’s talk about your amazing pictures:
What camera do you use? Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi 12.2 megapixel.
Who takes your photos? Her name is Jeanette; she is my boyfriend’s cousin and an aspiring photographer. At first I thought she wouldn’t be interested in my crazy blogging idea but when she decided to be a part of it I was thrilled. Did I mention how talented she is?
What photo editing software do you use? The iphoto program. It comes installed in the Macbook
Pro and it covers all the basics: red eye, black and white photos, contrast, etc.
How often do you take photos? I would say about every two months, because each photoshoot usually takes about three to four hours and two to three outfit changes.
Let’s talk about the blog:
Why did you start to blog and how did you come up with the name? I started my blog to be able to communicate with people that shared my same interests. I wanted to be able to talk Prada, Louboutin, Chanel & Dior without people giving me the “ok let’s move on to the next subject” look.
Chaussures a la mode came up over breakfast on a Sunday morning. I simply wanted the blog’s name to be French. If you go through my posts you will notice that I am very fond of French culture. I mean, they have couture and that delightful accent what is not to like?
What do you think you bring to the fashion blog world? Myself. Everyone is unique and has a distinctive personal touch. Things get old and people usually want fresh new outlooks.
Have you ever felt like blogging was bad for you? If yes, why? Yes and no!
Yes, because sometimes my ideas just come at the most random when I am driving! Hello danger! Or when I am on a meeting with my boss, and I have to say to myself “Can he repeat that, I was going through a Miu Miu moment!” and no because blogging is the one thing that I enjoy the most.
Let’s talk about your style:
Describe your style: I don’t think I can say that I have a set style. I usually go through different stages depending on my mood, the weather, whatever I watched on TV the night before. For example one month I could be all about headbands, Blair Waldorf, and Olivia Palermo and the next about leather jackets, dramatic hats and Carrie Bradshaw. Do you see the contrast?
Do you prefer buying a few key designer items that you wear a lot or does your wardrobe consist of mostly high street or e.g. vintage or from markets? I believe designer items are an investment. I would rather save for years for a designer purse or shoes because they are timeless. But that is when it comes to accessories. Clothing not so much. I like to pair really expensive shoes with a not so expensive item. I have found really good pieces at boutiques that when paired with the right accessories have looked like a million bucks. Although the occasional DVF dress never hurts.
Where do you get inspiration for your outfits? Magazines, window displays, and pop culture.
What do you consider the biggest fashion faux pas? UGGS, but is that even considered fashion?
What was your style like growing up? I was always the preppy put together girl until I saw Carrie Bradshaw and I said:“ hey I can pull off whatever I want, just like her.”
If you only had to wear one label/ designer for the rest of your life, who would it be and why? Ohhhh gosh...  If it was up to one designer I’d be naked with a pair of Louboutins lol
What is the craziest/ weirdest thing you've ever worn? I am not into crazy weird fashion, I like people to notice how well I am dress, not how unusual I look.
Have you always been interested in fashion? Not until I read my first magazine…and I started reading when I was like 2! 
Show me your favorite shoe of your own wardrobe!
Who is/are your favorite shoe designer(s)? Christian Louboutin, in my opinion no one knows what girls want more than Louboutin does. He skillfully plays with detail, and can makes a woman’s feet look elegant.
What do you think about the importance of the shoes in an outfit? A shoe can either make or break an outfit. You could see a girl wearing a beautiful dress, but if when you scan down and her shoes are not all that, the outfit simply won’t be as memorable. Shoes can also dress up or down an outfit. You can go to work on casual Friday and look plain with a pair of jeans and flats…BUT if you trade those flats for heels, you will see the difference.

Let’s talk about your favorites:
Favorite accessories right now: Cocktail rings and chunky bracelets in bright summer colors and anything nautical.
Favorite pair of shoes right now: YSL tribute sandals
Favorite purchase for fall: Anything from the Celine pre-fall 2010 collection.
Favorite kind of candy: smarties :)
Favorite place in the whole world: New York City
Favorite blog(s): there are so many talented bloggers that I feel guilty just mentioning a few.
Favorite thing/ outfit to wear that makes you feel amazing: again.. too many to mention.
Favorite food and drink:  sushi & Rosé champagne
Who is far and beyond your favorite band/ musician? Right now Lady Gaga
Favorite designer and why? Diane Von Furstenberg. She just somehow knows what I like and how I like for things to fit my body. Other than that she is an inspiring human being.
A Few Last Things:
Who would you consider the ultimate style icon? Sarah Jessica Parker
What impression do you want to leave on the people that visit your blog? I want people to see the beauty in fashion. It is not just a piece of clothing, or a pair of shoes. It is the life and work of those in the industry. It is art!
Top three favorite places to shop in your city: Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Zara.
Three trends you will be rocking this spring: nautical trend, hot pants trend, and lace lingerie inspired look.
Three things in your closet you cannot live without: Brian Reyes white dress, Valentino jacket, and DVF dresses… in my shoe closet I pretty much can’t live without anything. 
Thank you Amy for allowing me to interview you! I enjoyed learning more about you and we share so many interests! Sarah Jessica Parker and DVF are definitely amazing style icons to love! :)
Remember- go check out Amy's blog at Chaussures a la mode!

All pictures from Chaussures a la mode.

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