Classy Fierce

Happy Tuesday lovers! So glad you came back to see who my favorite is that I was talking about yesterday.  One word and you'll know who I'm talking about. Ready? FIERCE. If you didn't guess Christian Siriano than you probably never saw Project Runway (one of my fav shows). Christian's show was gorgeous. The finale dress blew me away!
A few other favorites of mine from his show:
But this isn't what made me love his collection. His shoes are! I loved his Spring 10 shoes. (click here) And this season his footwear is so unique and edgy and so needing to be in my closet! Christian collaborates on two shoe collections a year with the mass market retailer, Payless. Stylish celebs such as Amber Rose, Leigh Lezark, Veronica Webb, and Mena Suvari filled the front row to take in Siriano’s dynamic fall collection. And while I'm sure all eyes were on his gorgeous gowns and magnificent garments, my eyes went straight to their feet. I love the vintage old world feeling to them! These are shoes I could wear out and to the office. The scroll work is gorgeous! I think they look like little tiny pieces of artwork begging to be worn.
Siriano stated that he had pulled inspiration from the modernized 1960s Parisian woman in addition to antique furniture from the 18th and 19th century with its filigree and clawfoot detailing.
I'm just praying that Payless doesn't  tone done this season's shoes like they did last season. (Take a look here)  Payless simply plastered a knockoff of the blue-and-orange ocean-inspired fabric from the designer’s collection onto plain, boring pumps. I hope they don't touch this seasons shoes. It will be nice to see something so stylish available to the masses. Raise the price a little- just don't kill the design I beg of you! The collection is expected in Payless stores in September 2010- so my fingers are crossed and I can't wait to see what Payless decides to do with these stunning shoes. Learn more at

So tell me- what do you think of Christian's shoes? Are you in love with them as much as I am?


  1. def. loved it!


  2. It's amazing!!, I would to wear these to my prom(even throuh I wouldn't be to sure about the pink)..they are wonderful

  3. They look really good, they are eye catching; they might also be reserved for special occasions.


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