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So I'm sick yet once again! I'm so ready for winter to be over. I haven't felt stylish at all the past few days and I honestly feel wrong for even blogging about fashion or anything dealing with fashion. I truly haven't even been thinking about what I put on in the morning as I get ready for work at 6am! I throw on whatever looks comfortable and warm and I'm out the door. My nose is red, my head feels like it's going to explode, and well, work hasn't been a ball of fun the past few days. I honestly need a vacation! I really do feel like I should not have a fashion blog today. So instead of doing an outfit post or blogging about the latest NYFW looks I loved I'm going to give you a little look into my life. All of these pictures are old and hopefully I can scan some others someday to show you.
This is one of my favorites. My family on Easter Morning 1986 (? Not sure what year exactly)
I had just shoved a Hershey kiss in my mouth when we were taking the photo and got in so much trouble. 
Senior Pictures-someday I explain my fashion in high school.
Love this look! This was for a Church play! (Parts of my hair were orange)
I wish I had pictures of the audiences faces when I sat down in a church pew before it started! Priceless!
I was 17 in this picture! My friend Becki and I before going to the club- haha!
I lived in Brazil for 4 months and these are some of my friends while living there.
Love the shirt I wore to the club the one night- so scandalous! It had a huge teardrop cutout on the chest!
My siblings and I on my 21st Birthday before going out!
To explain this picture- I'm sometimes very blonde and well I got my knee stuck in the deck railing!
I act in my local Community Theater group and this was me as a swan in Honk! Can you see my awesome lashes?
The black dot on my cheek was a microphone- not a mole!
 My bestest who has a blog as well- A Gemini Life-during our days of partying too much!

So that's a little bit of me...actually now that I'm posting this and taking a walk down memory lane I'm a little less stressed about work and my nose doesn't hurt so bad anymore. Hope you all having a great week! Promise I'll get back to regular posting soon :)


  1. Aw fun!
    It's like a yearbook of you, great idea!

    Ps. Thanks, doll. I have to ask my husband he's the mastermind behind all my photos, I leave the setup to him. ;)


  2. I love this post... you're so freakin adorable ... love the one with your knee stuck in the fence haha! Funny that you put the picture up of our scandalous going away night... I actually had this one in mind myself. If only people knew where we were going and the fact that we were sitting in a stretch limo!! Love you!

  3. Cute pictures! Love you with orange hair lol!



  4. I love this post! So funny, looking back on how you looked - and must be even more fun for you, thinking back on those times. I really wanna do a post like this too, looks so fun and really interesting :))
    I am sorry for the lack of comments, I was in the mountains with no internet (oh my! :)) I hope you are doing fine, not sick!
    Hoping to hear from you soon :))


  5. I know I'm late with commenting on this post, let's say I'm fashionably late :)
    I hope you're doing better by now!
    These pictures, wow :) I don't think anyone can really explain his/her style at high school...However, I was rotfl when I saw the picture with the deck railing and the description, it has made my day :D

  6. should i be honored or insulted about my photo there??? jk :)


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