Long Live McQueen

Celebrities loved his designs.Fellow designers loved his designs. Budding fashionistas loved his designs. I loved his designs. Hell everyone loved his designs and are now mourning the loss of an amazing icon. Alexander "Lee" McQueen will never be forgotten. His unique taste and eye for fashion always made me look at his designs and go "Eww that's so....oh I get it- damn it thats genius and so beautiful!" I'm shocked and saddened but this loss as I know all of you are. I could go on a write about where he grew up, his life, how he came in to fashion, etc. But instead I'm going to celebrate his life buy posting a few of his looks and pictures that I love. My heart and thoughts go out to his family who are going through a difficult time right now.
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Gone but Never Forgotten


  1. His death is such a tragedy. It is a great loss not only for the fashion world, but for everyone. He was a genius and is now a legend...

  2. It really is a huge loss for everybody, it should have happen...


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