Pajama Jeans

Seriously Pajama Jeans? Okay first-I hate Snuggies! I think they are ridiculous and stupid. If you're that cold that you need to wear a blanket every where you go then put some more clothes on! They remind me of laziness and sloppiness. And after seeing my nephew drag his all of the house during Christmas break- I wanted to throw that sucker away! Well somebody wanted to cash in on the craze of the snuggies and created "Pajama Jeans". Ready for this? They are sweatpants designed to look like jeans! Their special fabric is supposed to give you the comfort of sweat pants while looking like you're wearing jeans.

I'm not sure how I feel about these. I love my comfy pants when I'm lounging around the house, so these might be a "maybe" purchase. Like maybe I'll buy them and let you all know what their like? I'd have to admit it might be nice looking "stylish in jeans" while lounging, but I don't think I could wear them out to lunch or shopping. I just wouldn't feel right knowing I'm wearing sweatpants. I am seriously intrigued by these though.

What do you think of the Pajama Jeans? Would you ever wear or purchase Pajama Jeans?
And with that said- Happy Hump Day!


  1. gross. and from the still it looks like she's crammed herself into a too-small pair of 1980 Jordache jeans. double gross.

    btw: I thought Snuggies were completely asinine---until my father-in-law bought them for us. There must be crack woven into the fibers, cause I'm hooked!

  2. it would be interesting to see what the look like up close....
    that being said i probably would only wear them to bed lol. as soon as anyone got close enough to realize they were sweat pants I'd be a lil' embarrassed i think...

  3. these literally make me want to vomit. sweats and stretch pants are only good for one thing... gaining weight!

    and isnt the jegging comfortable enough?


  4. I think I may actually like these lol... but yes I would need to see what they look like up close. They seem like they'd be good for those days you're running errands and don't feel like showering until after you're done

  5. Yay for a product that exacerbates laziness! Pretty sure leggings are just as comfy without having to pretend you're wearing something you're not....


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