Please Make Me Smile

So I've been sorta depressed lately...don't know why but I am. I think it's the winter blahs/blues. I just need a little more me time, a lot more sleep, a little exercise and a lot of sun and I should be fine. I didn't want to leave you all thinking I don't care anymore because I do, I just need a day or two to regroup. Till then these are a few images that have managed to put a smile on my face the past few days.
I'm loving this song by Train. Not a huge Train fan but this song absolutely makes me smile and feel warm every time I hear it :)

And now a little teaser picture of a future post :)
Thank you for loving me and my site and all of your wonderful comments. You all make me smile! I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Photos from various sites: Liz Von Hoene, Saks, Hermes, and a few are mine.


  1. awh! yeah winter always makes me like that. just wait till summer. summer just makes everything better :)
    ahhh, the creme brulee (sp) is making me super hungry!
    feel better soon darling!

  2. Awww honey I hope you feel better!! I have been going through some MAJOR winter blues this year too. I lost my job, lost a friend (suicide), and now trying to put all the pieces back together. It's a mess. :(

    On a more positive note, these are lovely photos. :) I hope things get better for BOTH of us in the next month! xoxo

  3. I love this song...never heard it before now but it does make you smile


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