Pondering Winter

"Imagination is the eye of the soul" ~Joseph Joubert

First- let me thank you all for your love. I've had a hard couple of days for no real reason. Just a serious case of the winter blues. Being depressed in the winter really sucks! All you want to do is eat that bag of Doritos you hid in the back of the cupboard and drink a super tall milkshake while living in sweat pants and furry socks but know that will make it worse when you've realized you put on your winter weight. Ugh! It's like going up hill both ways. Venting and posting pictures really helped me work through it though.  Running a good 5 miles helped as well. But I'm back and not feeling as worthless as I did a few days ago. Happy posts from now on :)

I took these pictures a few days ago, and if you know me you know I'm all about comfort in the winter. I love flannel and plaid shirts, with super comfy warm pants and a cute boot. I picked these boots up at the beginning of the year at the Aldo Outlet near me. Not only are they cute and comfortable but they were only $50! Can't beat that. I think winter and I have a love/hate relationship. I love wearing layers but I miss the sun. Winter is my time to sit and ponder life and get creative with the arts. I'm signing up for a photography class this winter to help with my picture skills and to also give me an output for my winter blues. So excited! Okay- on to the pictures! Don't forget to click the link below this picture for more of the post :)
Free Shirt plaid shirt, Target leggings, Aldo boots, Forever 21, Vintage and Jules Smith jewelry
I love love love this nail polish! It's by Lippmann collection- color is Wicked Game. I've been wearing it non stop for weeks now. I even have the new Chanel polish but I just can't part with this one. It almost changes colors depending on how you look at it. It can be purple, gray, green, blue, or silver. This is a must purchase for all of you who love nail polish!

I've put a new feature on my site. I'm now accepting sponsors- click here- for information! I feel like my blog is getting a little boring and stale...got any ideas for me to help freshen it up?

Okay, I must go for now but I hope you all have a wonderful night!


  1. wow these pictures are awesome...i love the black and white one...oh and is that your new nailpolish??


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