Stephen Webster

Last night was the Grammys and you know what still lingers in my mind as amazing? No it's not Lady Gaga and Elton John's stunning performance, Taylor Swift's beautiful dress, Beyonce's banging number, or Rhianna's artistic's Ke$ha's jewelry! I didn't care for her shoes, dress, or hair last night, but her jewelry left me wanting to see more.

As soon as I saw that little beetle ring on her middle finger I jumped online and looked up the designer- Stephen Webster and fell in love :) Stephen is one of the leading British figures in the fine jewelery and silver design industries. His amazing eye for detail and his beautiful craftsmanship left my mouth watering as I strolled through his pictures from his collections. He takes the most unusual and obscure ideas and makes it into something extremely beautiful and breathtaking. I'm so in love with the thorn  and jaws cuff.
Also, Christina Aguilera has teamed up with Stephen Webster for a new ad. Last year, Christina teamed up with Stephen for a Hitchcock themed ads. Stephen also designed Christina's beautiful engagement ring.
I'm jealous of those of you who live in London and can venture down to Stephen's boutique. (93 Mount Street) I would love to just browse through, but for now I will have to live with shopping online. (For those interested- you can purchase his pieces at or Just look at the front of Stephen's shop- don't you just want to go and see what lies inside?

Okay, have I gushed enough about Stephen Websters jewelry? Take a look at his site- and tell me what your favorite pieces are! I'd love to hear what you think.
And to leave you with one last thing- Ms. Britney, you look so happy and beautiful...but did you forget your pants? I love your shoes though :)


  1. so THAT is this Kesha chick... youre right about her outfit last night... girl needs a stylist, but OH EM GEE that jewelry! I'm loving the fishbone ring with the pave diamonds... top kat its called. i wouldnt mind the white or yellow gold, both so cute!

  2. Webster jewelry is TO DIE FOR.. good call (I didn't even take a second look at Kesha's blah outfit) the beatle ring is precious :)



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