Take a Walk in Kim's Shoes

I'm not one to do many celeb posts, but when I saw these pictures of Kim Kardashian today I fell in love with her shoes and knew I had seen them somewhere before. So off I went into internet world to find them- which I did at shopbop.com and they're on sale!! The Zea Open Toe Booties are by L.A.M.B. and are on sale for $248.50!  (click here for link to shoe) Miss. Kim has amazing style and I'm always lusting over her shoes but they are always hard to find or insanely expensive. So I was happily surprised when I found these and saw that they weren't over 1K. If you want these you better hurry- only a few sizes remain :)
Hope you have a shoe-tastic day :) Why yes, I am a dork :)

PS- Don't hate on Kim- she's beautiful and I admire the girl! LY!:)

Photos from shopbop.com and popsugar.com


  1. I wasn't expecting a post like this from you I have to say :) Anyway, I'm a big fan of her, especially because I consider her as the Queen of Heels. Her style is simply superb!
    The point is: did you buy a pair? :D


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