Warm and Not Wanting More

New York F/W 10 Fashion Week left me with warm feelings and feelings that I didn't really want to see anymore. Don't get me wrong, there were a few designers whose collections I loved! L.A.M.B., Proenza Schouler, Rachel Roy, Michael Kors, Oscar de la Renta- just to name a few. And there were a few things/designers that blew me away and made me fall completely in love with them.
 (Diane von Furstenberg)
I want to wear this to work! So chic and fun!
(Carolina Herrera)
Love how this dress looks like a sunset almost and fades down to sheer fabric.Carolina Herrera's line was gorgeous and I can't wait to see her future seasons. This woman's collections always make me wish I had somewhere fancy to go.
I don't have words to describe this- I am so in love with every piece of Marchesa's F/W 2010 collection.
That dress with the stars....

Now onto the shoes- which somewhat disappointed me. Maybe I'm just so ready for Spring that I was wanting something fun and bright instead we got drab and a little boring. I will say that I did not like Marc Jacob's shoes at all!! Such a disappointment. Of course, Marchesa's shoes were gorgeous! (See above)
And I adored Carolina Herrera's shoes (by Manolo Blahnik) with the detail that looked like pebbles/flowers- and they matched perfectly with her collection.
And how could we not like Phillip Lim's shoes by Christian Louboutin! I have a HUGE crush on Christian!
He truly know's how to make a women's feet beautiful!
I also liked Oscar de la Renta's shoes. They have this masculinity appeal to them with the little tassels 
but yet girly enough with the tapered heel and jewel tone color.

There was one designer whose shoe's I wanted to jump up on the catwalk and rip off the model's feet and runaway as fast I could so they would be all mine. Who you might ask...well check back tomorrow to find out! I gotta keep you coming back! :)

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Much love to all of you!

Photos from style.com


  1. Phillip Lims Louboutins are TDF!




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