Winter Wonderful

 Front porch looking out to the street.
Friday night forecast called for 8-9 inches of snow. Great- it would be awesome to take a walk Saturday morning. Woke up Saturday morning and there was 16-20 inches outside!! Yes I said 20 inches! It was unbelievably beautiful. No cars were on the street, just people helping each other dig out and chatting. I still decided to take a walk Saturday morning and let me tell ya- it was a work out!! Have you ever walked through 20 inches of snow? My knees killed me that night from pulling my legs up and through the snow. But I would do it again in a heart beat. I was the only person and the only set of tracks through the whole park! (Probably cause I was the insane one who!) It was so quiet and calm and peaceful. Words can not describe how amazing it was- so I took pictures! Please enjoy the beauty I saw on Saturday.

Sorry for the watermark over my images but per my father's request/suggestion he wanted me to protect these images from being stolen. Not that any of you would steal them and reuse but just doing what my daddy told me to :) We're to get another 10 inches tonight! I love snow when you don't have to drive in it, but when I have to be at work- ick! Hope you all are enjoying winter as much as I am! Have a great day!!

PS- I have been thinking of setting up a shop to sell my photos, think this would be a good or bad idea? Would you be interested? For now if you would like a copy/print of any of my photos please just drop me an email (click here) and we'll talk.


  1. wow these pics are so beautiful...looks like you had fun in snow! Oh and I think it's a great idea to have the shop for your photos!!

  2. these photos are so lovely and you got so much snow!!!! you should definitely try selling your photography, it's so lovely :)

  3. We have gotten alot of snow too, and I've taken so may pretty pictures!
    And, yes, I know the feeling of walking through 20 inches of snow.. :P
    It's heavy, but somewhat calming..
    (Unless you're in a hurry..:P)

    xx Sophie

  4. omggg so pretty. great pics you got!

    love, Patty Ann
    AlphaBetaChic Blog


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