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Have you ever tried a new product that was so good you just wanted to tell everyone in the world about it? That's how I felt the other day when I tried Bom Dia, which means Good Day in English. I'm a huge Red Bull drinker, but sometimes get tired of the carbonation and overly sweet chemical flavor of it. I was at Wegmans last weekend and got thirsty from my shopping marathon when I saw this snazzy looking bottle with açaí berries in it. I used to live in Brazil for a while and I remember snacking on açaí berries and their wonderful sweetness. I remember coming home from Brazil and talking about the berries and wishing that we could get those berries in the states! So when I saw this energy juice I thought, why not try it. Well now I'm officially hooked! 
There are two different kinds- Transcend and Conquer. Transcend is Açaí berries, Yumberry (never heard of it) and Green Tea. Conquer is Açaí berries, Yerba Mate (which is a tea I always drank while in Brazil) and Black Tea. My favorite by far is Conquer!  

Wondering about the energy factor? You know how when you drink Red Bull you get that instant high with jitters and when it wears off you feel as if you've crashed and can't move. I've been drinking Bom Dia all week and have not gotten jittery once but yet feel energized and ready to go, and I haven't had that crashed feeling at all.  The juice is priced a little more than Red Bull but so worth it. When you think about it- you're paying for all those good fruits. I could not be more excited about an energy drink like I am with Bom Dia. Not sure if many of you are energy drinkers as well, but if you are please try this! I would love to hear what others have to say about it.

Check out their website for more info-

Okay, infomercial over :) Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Sounds like something up my alley. I hate red bull's side effects as well! I'll have to pick one up to try at our local Clark's.

  2. Acai juice is sooo good...makes you go to the br though lol

  3. I love Wegmans! I wish they would just open one in New England (Boo!).

  4. hey! bom dia means good day in portuguese


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