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So Vegas is in 10 days and I'm getting so pumped that I all I can think about is what to wear! Seriously- I lay in bed at night and mentally try my clothes on and pack my bag till I fall asleep. I've only ever been on a vacation without my family a few times and every time I go away without them it's exhilarating! So this all leads me to shopping during my down time while at work and I've come across the cutest dresses today on shopbop.com. I can't really afford any of them since I'm saving my money for when I'm in Vegas, but still it's fun to shop and put outfits together even if you'll never get the chance to wear them. Right? So here are a few of my favorites:
1. Shoshanna- Strapless Tulip Dress; 
2. Nanetta Lepore- Honeysuckle Dress (with removable straps); 
3. Tibi- One Should Dress (My top favorite dress!); 
4. Shoshanna- Shirred Strapless Dress;
5. Green Ford- Tulip Arm Dress;
6. T-Bags- Sleeveless Dress; 
7. Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent-Sweetheart Ruffle Dress

What do you think? Which one is your favorite? I'm off to photography class. Much love to all! Have a great night!



  1. #2... if it's for going out at night.. cuz the more skin u show & the tighter it is... the easier it is to cut in line & get free drinks :)and with everything else so expensive in vegas... everyone can use free drinks from time to time! people dress to the NINES in vegas... nothing is too much... or too little :)

  2. My faves are #5 and #6 because they're not so strappy. I've been to Vegas in April and it's not so warm. Maybe a little jean jacket over a dress?

  3. I would love the fourth one in colour of the fifth one, but maybe a little shorter
    enjoy vegas

  4. I love #3 and #6! sooo cute! Just planned a Vegas trip for early June. Can't wait! have a great time!

  5. Love numbers 1 and 5! I think #1 is my fave though, such great colors! Love your blog. :)


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