Faux Pas

 I'm so in love with this picture right now!
Ever have that day, or in my case few weeks, where you can never find the light at the end of the tunnel? Welp that's how I've been feeling at work. I feel like I work and work and work but yet at the end of the day I still have a giant pile of stuff to do. Then by the time of done with work I'm exhausted and unmotivated to do anything. Ugh. I apologize but my blog has been neglected a little in the past few days. I see a small light right now and I'm hoping I come through this tunnel fast.

My show was over last weekend which means I can take photos again since I won't be at practice or shows for a while. When theater shows are over it is so bittersweet. I'm thankful to have my evenings and weekends back but yet I miss seeing all the wonderful people who I act with.
BCBGirls shoes, Elle (Kohl's) Sweater, Forever 21 Bracelet, Gap Necklace, Kohl's Ring
Now on to this awful photoshoot I did a few weeks ago when I was at the theater building. I did not realize how horrid these pants were on me till I saw the pictures! I vow never ever to wear them again. I feel as if I've made a giant fashion faux pas and I'm posting these pictures just to show you I'm human! Everyone makes a mistake once in a while. Right? I took a lot more pictures but I've narrowed it down to a few that will not embarrass me that much. haha.
The sweater isn't too bad. The shoulders on it are a bit larger- wish it had some shoulder pads to accentuate the detail. (idea!! Maybe I'll sew some in !)

So tell me, have you ever worn something out to later realize it looks horrible? Or am I the only one who makes fashion faux pas?
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  1. don't feel bad we all do :)



  2. your leggings are amazing
    tha is such a nice colour of purple

  3. I always have a crap load of stuff to do. Like right now. Ha Ha. I think we all have times when we are like huh? did I wear that. But that's half the fun.


  4. wow lovely look
    your blog is great!

  5. Personally I think the leggings look very nice on you. But then my second name is probably Fashion Faux-Pas - my latest fav trend: double denim.

  6. those shimmer leggings are so cool! they remind me of cat woman from the original Batman! love them.
    xox alison

  7. I hate looking at old pictures of myself. I always look terrible! :P

    Nice tights! The colour is so radiant. And the pictures look lovely^^

    xx Sophie


  8. those shoes are gorgeous!

    lovelove, M.

  9. I dont see whats so bad about those leggins!


  10. I guess more or less everyone is in a tunnel - right now I should be working on my thesis, yet I'm checking my fav blogs again :D Hang in there!

    There is no catastrophe because of those pants, not at all! I love the gif you've created!

  11. Maybe you posted the best pictures because I think you look great!


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