Melted by Rachel Roy

Why....WHY must I found a designer that I absolutely love and want every piece but can't buy?! Why does this happen to me? I really must stop shopping online this close to my vacation. This is the first vacation I'm taking sans family and I'm really trying to save every little nickle and dime I can, but when I come across a designer like Rachel Roy it really makes it near impossible. So far I haven't bought anything but trust's been hard!!! I've heard about Rachel Roy and seen her lines many times in the past but lately her jewelry, shoes, purses, clothes (ie-everything!) have been catching my eye more and more. I've been staring at her pieces and keep imaging wearing them with the outfits I'm planning on taking on vacation.
I'm like oh this necklace would look absolutely gorgeous with this black pant-jumpsuit and heels I'm wearing out one night. But no...NO! I can not spend money before going on vacation. I love how she has a little flower in the middle of the pendant...Do you know how hard this is?
Then I see these rings and a little piece of me melts! They're are so gorgeous and unique! Why can't I be rich??
And if you follow me via Twitter you know I've been on the hunt for knee high black boots that I can wear over my skinnys/jeggings. I've searched everywhere but couldn't find a pair I love so I've sort of given up and faced the fact that I'd have to wait till next year. Wouldn't you know that as soon as I put that money in my vacation fund I find a pair of boots that make me weak in the knees! I love love love these boots. I'm so afraid that if I don't get them now that I'll never find a pair I like as much in the future. But I can't buy anything till after vacation! I've made a little vow to myself to not shop anymore.

Seriously- do you know how hard this is to do for a girl?!? I'm honestly in love with every piece Rachel Roy's designs. Rachel is also super adorable and is said to be incredibly nice. Hopefully one day, if my vacation doesn't drain my funds, I'll be able to invest in some of her pieces. My problem would be which piece- I want them all! I'll make sure to outfit post when and if I do acquire some of Rachel Roy designs :-) Tell then I'll just stare and daydream from afar.

So tell me- what is your favorite piece from Rachel Roy's lines??


  1. loving the ring with the purple stones. beautiful

  2. The pieces are kind of too girly for my taste but I do love Rachel Roy!


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