Only One Sip

 “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”-Benjamin Franklin
“A fine beer may be judged with only one sip, but it's better to be thoroughly sure.”-Czech Proverb
I know, I'm sorry, it's another "not fashion related" post. But I had to share these pictures with you that I snapped over the weekend. My brother has the best job in the world! He is one of the brewers for a well known brewery. I'm mean seriously- he gets paid to make and sample beer! You gotta taste it to make sure it's good...right? My grandma had never been on the tour of the brewery and had always wanted to see it, so we all met up there for her birthday. The smell of hops was intoxicating and so sweet and the beer was so smooth and refreshing on a warm spring day. Perfect combination!
 This is a plate of fresh hops in two forms that is used to make beer. Pellets and then the actual hop flower.
 My 4yr old nephew wanted to give you a closer look.
 Special brews working their magic in old oak barrels. (Beer is usually brewed in metal pots)
 Boxes ready to be folded to house the beers.
Sorry if I bore you with some of my posts, but I would love feedback on what you think of my photos. I'm taking a photography class right now and tried to use some of the knowledge I learned last week. I love taking pictures, it's just a great way to express ones self.
Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!



  1. About the shoes:

    LOL seriously!? haha cool. Just added another pair. ;-) And I'll keep adding I'm spring cleaning. :)


  2. These are awesome photos and really cool!!!!


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