What's in the bag?

I used to be a huge purse person, but lately I've been staying faithful to my Coach bags. I adore Coach and I think their bags are timeless and classic. However, I was walking through Saks a few weeks ago and saw this little beauty and couldn't pass it up. This is my new Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini. I'm so all about Rebecca Minkoff now. The bags are so well crafted and chic but yet fun and trendy as well. I really want one of the Morning After Clutches in Salmon- GORGEOUS!
I love that this bag looks and feels like snake skin but it's actually leather! There is a different version out this season with tan handles. (This was last season's- I know I'm behind) It was really stiff at first but now she's finally getting worn in and is so soft. I get so many compliments and stares at this bag. This purse is rather large inside and has tons of hidden pockets that keep me semi organized. I tend to carry alot of stuff with me- and this bag is great for the office because I put my lunch in it as well. So what's in my bag you ask?
Canon PowerShoot-SD790 (I always have a camera on me), ChapStick, Gum, Oil Absorbing Sheets, Lipstick Pen, Checkbook, LipFusion in Bare, Keys, Dior Lace Highlighting powder and retractable blush brush, 
blue Coach card wallet, Altoids, Victoria Secret mints, Gold pen, red Coach wallet, hair ties, bluetooth ear piece, 
16G thumb drive, SD Card reader, LG Dare, and iPod touch

I usually also have a pair of gloves and a pair of socks in here during the winter, and sunglasses during the summer. But sadly I have no sunglasses anymore and every day driving to work I'm blinded and reminded that I need to get new sunglasses!

So tell me- what do you carry in your purse everyday?


  1. In my purse, not too much: wallet, keys, phone, sunglasses, a purse hanger, aspirin, a tiny flashlight, and about 4-5 lipsticks with my powder compact!

  2. im not usually into snakeskin
    but i love the shape of your bag

  3. sweetie, i love your Coach bag!

    What's in my bag? Guess what? hehehe...loads of Mr.Freddy's diapers and extra clothes. LOL!

  4. Love Rebecca Minkoff bags, she uses such amazing leather and they are all so beautifully made. Enjoy your bag!

  5. I love bags! I live for them!
    I'm the one who's got her whole life in her bag.. And atm I've got two.. One really nice nude leather one, but it's not too big(although I get loads of stuff in it...), so I also have a shopping bag.. In fabric. And it says "Choose enviroment" on it.. :D

    Your bag sounds so practical and yet it's so stylish!

    btw: Thanks for the nice comment on my blog!

    xx Sophie


  6. So much fun!! Hhehehe. I love knowing what other ladies carry around in their purses! Usually way less junk than me!


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