What is one word that when said or read makes you cringe? Give up?  
Did you cringe? Cause I just did. I don't know how all of you feel about debt but I hate it. I get so sick and distraught when I'm even a couple dollars in debt. It's so hard when you want all of these nice designer things but your paycheck won't allow you to buy them. Sometimes is just too easy to whip out the Visa or Master Card and shop till you drop. I wish I could just be different and not care about the debt and just max out my cards and get new ones, but I guess I take after my financially responsible father. Every time I even think of using it, I stand there and ponder what it is I want to buy. I usually pass up on the item and than later down the road kick myself for not buying it. 

Moral of this little story: my funds are low and I do not want to go deeper in debt so I've vowed to myself to not shop for a whole month! Of course I can buy necessities, (ie-food, gas, shampoo/soap) but I need to start asking myself before I hit the checkout line "Do I really need this $50 skirt that I'll probably never wear and then lose the receipt when I decided I should take it back, leaving it to forever lay in my closet with the tag on and never be worn?" So to help feel this little void and help feed my craving for shopping I'm going to start faux shopping this month (I know, I know, so cruel.) and I want to start sharing some of my finds with you :) So keep posted! I thinking that this no shopping rule might be fun- it will make me look through my wardrobe more and think of fun ways to mix up my outfits!

PS- I bought a pair of Balenciaga Cork Sandals....but sadly they are a tad to big :( They would fit an 8 1/2 perfectly! I'm selling them in my shop (here)!


  1. ah, debt really is a horrible word (except to credit card companies, they just love it!) :P

    good luck with your shopping ban and have fun with remixing! sometimes shopping in your own closet is the best solution :)

  2. You can do it! Very smart of you. Too many girls are in debt. I can always justify NOT buying something because I know how much money I have in my bank account at all times, and I know how much I need to pay my monthly bills!

    A monthly shopping ban will go by very quickly!

  3. why r u selling all your shoes girl?? keep them... just buy new ones


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