I want to take a post and reflect on something that I've been thinking about all weekend. Life and how quickly it can be taken away.  At 5:30am on Saturday a commercial tanker truck carrying a load of water lost control of his truck, hit a curb, a tree, a utility poll and then rolled his truck and was killed. This happened a block away from my house. The tree that was hit I actually had taken a photo of this past winter during my snow walk. (here)
After hearing about this tragic event and the tragic loss of the man who was driving I started to think about life and how quickly it can change and be taken from us. The saying, "live each day as if it was your last" is really a good saying to try and follow because you honestly don't know what each day has in store for you. 

I also got to thinking about the tree and the long life it had lived. I wish I had a full picture of how large this tree was. This tree lived a mighty, strong and proud life. Giving shade from the sun and protecting people from rain when they needed a break, it gave animals a play ground to explore and live in, gave photographers a beautiful picture when snapped. When I think of this I hope others can say likely things about the man who passed away. And when the day comes, I hope people can say such great things about me. 

Thinking about this and pondering it made me realize that I really do have to live each day as it is my last. No second guessing and trying to stay comfortable in my current place in life. If tomorrow were my last day I would at least want to be able to say I tried and did everything I ever wanted to do and I lived a happy and full life. So to you I say, Live each day as if it were your last.


  1. I think such reflections are good for the soul. What is also rewarding is spiritual reflection and pursuit of your life's purpose and meaning. Not taking what you've been told for granted but testing out spriritual truths for yourself.

    My uncle is a truck driver and I am always calling him to check up on him, especially when I hear about bad weather in other parts of the country!

  2. wow hunny this is awful but i like what you did with it. love you so much and i totally agree.

  3. i completely concur. i remind myself of this every damn day. i feel for that man's family.

    as for thrift/consignment stores i usually use the Yelp app on my iphone. u-street is really good for quirky boutiques (especially around 14th street). the zara & urban outfitters downtown is GINORMOUS, i would definitely recommend you check those out. if i remember anything specific, i'll definitely send you an email or something :-) I wish you a safe travel!


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