Killer Shoes

A friend of my sent me a link to this site the other day called "If Shoes Could Kill"and I couldn't believe some of these shoes I was seeing. Some are crazy bizarre, and other's are just down right wrong. I don't know if these shoes are home made or designer made but it was definitely worth the time to check out the site. Also, if you go visit make sure to check out the Vote section- there are pages of obscure shoes. For now here are a few of my favorites...don't get my wrong you will never see me in these shoes, but they're fun to look at :) So enjoy!

Definitely go visit the site (click here)- you won't believe the number of crazy shoe picture on there! So tell me, which ones do you think are the most fun/obscure/crazy/weird!


  1. some of these are nuts! i love the pair that has the face on them... but others look like pure torture!

  2. The face shoes definitely creep me out the most!!!

  3. I love shoes - but not soo much these. Although i love the b& w with the spikes....


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