Know the Past

"You have to know the past to understand the present"~Dr. Carl Sagan

Some people are embarrassed/ashamed by, or regret their past. I am not one of them. I love my past. I embrace it. I remember it. And I share it because the past helped create and mold the person I am today. Live with no regrets! 

Remember when I posted some old pictures here? I know I said I wanted to scan some more to share with you, but I just haven't had time yet, so I wanted to share some others with you. Hope you enjoy my past :) Quirks and all :)
 School recess while in living in Brazil. (I'm in the center) They would got to 2 classes then break then 2 classes then break, then 2 classes and home. School was 7am to 12pm!
 On a boat on the way out to Abrolhos Bank reef in Brazil. 
(One of the world's most important reef!)
Heading out to the clubs in Brazil with friends. 
(Yes that is a giant cut out in the center of my chest)
Celebrating my 25th birthday with family. I wore a tiara out to dinner cause that's how I roll!
 Being crowned an official Beer Goddess at a beer festival! 
(I had a crown on as well but if fell off in this picture)
Beach trips and dinners out with family :) We wanted our crab!
Joking around at the bar with friends. 
(Yes that is a cigarette, no I was not smoking it, and no I wasn't really passed out)
sans makeup and my hair did. I tend to make this face a lot towards my siblings!
Playing dress up in the theater costume storage room.
Don't ya just love this dress!

So this is a little more of me. Do you like seeing pictures of me from the past, or should I just stick to outfit posts? Do you embrace your past like I do?

Oh one more fun picture- If you follow me via twitter you know that I got a bicycle. It's an Electra custom cruiser. I haven't named her yet but I've been out riding since I got her. She still a little naked since I ordered her new fenders and they haven't in come yet. 
Do you enjoy riding bikes during the spring and summer? I haven't had a bike since I was in high school and I'm loving it! Can't wait to take her to the beach.

I'm off to DC for the weekend to hang out with my nephew. We're planning on doing lots of shopping! Any one have any recommendations of stores to check out? I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and follow me via twitter for updates and photos when I'm not blogging!



  1. the past is what makes you who you are presently. i completely and utterly treasure every moment (good or bad) that i have experienced for, without them, i wouldn't be anybody. just a regular every body.

    i sound like a crazy person.

    anyway! i ride my bike all the time in the summer! it's not as cool as yours (and it's currently in 5 separate pieces) but i love that damn thing :-)

  2. haha to the one of the cig in your mouth... i think i prob took that one too. i love your past too cause i was in some of it...hehe. love you hun

  3. So many cute and funny pictures!
    I hate wathcing pictures of me from my past. I look terrible..

    I love your bike! It's so cute!
    It's kind of like the bike I want, but it's almost impossible to get cute bikes like that here in Norway.. :(

    xx Sophie


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