Sickly Obsessed

Seriously I'm so sickly obsessed with these Miu Miu pumps that it's killing me. I'm ready to drive myself to NYC this weekend just in hopes to find them! I've search everywhere online and am still barefoot! I have an email in to a lady I met while in Vegas at the Prada store who said she would help me find them but haven't heard anything back yet. This obsession has seriously got to stop! But look how freaking cute they are! What's sadder is that I'm already planning outfits with these shoes! I found them on Saks in all blue...but I really want the daisy or sparrow print. Help me please!
PS- What print do you like better? Sparrow or Daisy?


  1. oooooo I definitely like the sparrow print better. but in the pink color. I think the lighter color emphasized the WICKED heel. And thank you for your comment :-)

  2. Oh, and I meant to answer your question *whoops*. I actually take all of my own pictures :-)

  3. OMG! They're GEORGEOUS!! :O

    xx Sophie

  4. haha, as a fellow shoe-whore I adore this blog. ;)

    Bre @

  5. It's clear you're stuck :)
    You might want to ask Celine aka The Shoe Girl were she got her pair from...
    However, the ones that you mention in particular aren't my favs, I like the red-black pair in the middle of the first row better!

  6. I loooooveee the Sparrow print!
    I want them soo bad it makes me want to cry... but I am saving up! lol


  7. These are so gorgeous! I'm a bit obsessed with them myself too. Sigh. I love both prints, but right now I'm a tad more in love with the daisy look. :)

  8. I kind of think I need the sparrow shoes...wonder where I can find those.

  9. Sparrow def... omg i'm in love with these shoes!! you have to get them

  10. Hey darlin, I hope you found what you were looking for, if not...
    I got a tip on Friday that Nordstroms on Michigan Ave in Chicago had the navy and white sparrow mary janes, I called and it was TRUE! Mine are on the way to me now.
    Xo Rah


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