“A habit cannot be tossed out the window; 
it must be coaxed down the stairs a step at a time.” -Mark Twain
LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's pink tank; Patterson J. Kincaid chiffon top (on sale now!); LOFT lean boyfriend jeans; 
Prada Studded pumps; Tiffany's heel necklace; LOFT cuff (this one is similar)
My habit lately has been wearing this shirt! (It's on sale now at Saks! click here) I'm so in love with it. It's so light and breezy and the color just breathes Spring time. It's perfect on those days when the mornings are cold but the afternoons heat up. I usually wearing this shirt with some simple flats or sandals, but I wanted to dress it up a little for a special occasion. My parent's were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary a few days ago and being the only child living nearby I went out to dinner with them to celebrate. We had great food, and delicious desserts. I had this layered lemon cake with a whipped cream icing between the layers and raspberry sauce drizzled on top. It was to die for. We were all so full that when we got home we passed out for a few hours with a food coma. Talk about a great day.
What do you think of my jeans? I've been looking for a pair of boyfriend jeans that were tapered near the ankle and couldn't find any till I walked into the Ann Taylor LOFT store! (here) They are perfectly tapered in all the right places and just loose enough in other places as well. I want them in a darker color as well. Maybe next paycheck :) Have you been to a LOFT store lately? They really have some cute clothes. I stumbled in to one the other day and came out with a bag full! I especially love this bracelet I found on their sale table. I literally wear it with everything. I love how their clothes make you look and feel so chic and pulled together with out you barely trying. 
 Do you have a favorite outfit that you love to wear over and over?

I'm sorry if my posts have been a little unmotivated lately. It's been a rough couple of weeks. I've been feeling super overwhelmed and lazy which makes me exhausted. As soon as it's 5 o'clock all I want to do is put my pjs on and crawl into bed, which means I've been skipping the gym lately and when I try to take pictures all I see are the negatives. I know exercise lifts your spirits but when your spirits are low it gets hard to get motivated. It's hard to keep a positive outlook and spirit sometimes. I know I'm not the only one who feels like this at times, so I am asking you guys, my new friends, how do you keep your spirit and motivation up? Sorry for my lil pity party, but's my blog :) I hope you all have a wonderful night! Oh and don't forget to enter my giveaway (here) it ends Monday!


  1. is that in you parents house? You are looking good Tiff! Keep up the blogging, I do read from time to time!

  2. goodness. feeling overwhelmed makes me want to go into hiding. or sleep. either/or, really. those shoes are magical, by the way...

  3. First of all, those shoes are awesome!! I know exactly how you feel, I get like that every now and then and just wanna sit quietly in the dark and be miserable by myself, luckily my other half doesnt let me, watch some funny TV or read a good book, or go find some new fun blogs to help you feel better, then come back and show us, lol!

  4. I'm glad you still showed these beautiful heels despite your current condition. I know how you feel - at times like this I'm usually very anti-social and I escape to the world of TV-series and sleeping.
    How to be motivated? Music works in my case, I listen to my favorites and things start getting better.
    So then, get better! :)


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