Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Every time I see the number 21 or hear the word winner, I instantly hear a little Asian man saying "Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner" from the movie 21. (Haven't seen this movie yet? I suggest you do so now!) However, when I did get 21 while playing blackjack in Vegas, the dealer did not say this! So when I said it, he looked at me like I was a lunatic! Oh well at least I had fun.

Okay, sorry on the real subject of this post. I apologize for the short post but I just wanted to take a minute and announce the winner of the Misikko Hana Hair Straightener Giveaway I did here. I also wanted to thank you all for entering the giveaway and for always supporting my blog! To me you're all winners, but for now there can only be winner of the giveaway.

The winner is number 35- Amy from RoAmyLive! Congratulations Amy! I know you'll enjoy the flat iron as much as I have been.

Sorry this post is so short, hope you all are having a great week!


  1. eeee!! I'm so excited! Thanks so much Tiffany and Misikko! I will definitely do a blog post about it once I receive it!

    xx, Amy :)


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