Almond Dijon Chicken

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Today for Food Friday I bring you Almond Chicken Dijon. I know in the past I've mainly been showing you desserts and snack food, but occasionally I do whip up a meal. I don't think I'm a very good chef so I tend to not cook too often for my family. But after we ate this the other night my father seriously said that it was a meal that I had to make more often. It truly was so delicious! Filling but delicious! And incredibly easy.

First heat oven to 375°F.The recipe calls for 4 small chicken breasts but I used 5 large with a few small ones for my family. (I just bought two packages - each weighed 1.5 pounds) Trim the yucky pieces and then place in a lightly greased baking dish. 
Then mix together equal parts of mayo and Grey Poupon Dijon mustard. The recipe calls for 2 tablespoons of each but I used 6 of each because the chicken breasts were large. Also, my family and I like lots of dressing on things so we can taste it. 
After that is mixed up spread on top of each chicken breast. 
Then sprinkle chopped up slivered almonds on top. Again, I used more almonds than it called for. I came a family that doesn't like to skimp on food.
Once the chicken is covered with sauce and almonds bake at 375°F for 20-25 minutes. Because the chicken breast were thick I cooked mine a little longer.
When the sauce is heated it thins out and sort of slides off the chicken. I was glad I used more because not only did it soak into the chicken and keep it very moist but it also tasted super good. I know you might be thinking almonds on chicken is crazy but it's very good- a little crunchy.
I served mine with au gratin potatoes and corn. I would have preferred to have had green beans for some more color on the plate but I forgot to pick some up at the store. You can view the actual recipe from here.

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  1. YUM! I am always looking for new recipes, I'll have to try this!

  2. That looks yummy, I actually cooked today for the first time in ages, so would love to try this next time I get the chance!

  3. oooo you just made me sooo hungry..i'm eating two dinners again tonight. i'll be snagging this recipe for one of my days off!

  4. This sounds really good. I will have to try it.

  5. Your recipes always look so tasty, now I've sent this link over to my gf as she was thinking about something new to eat this weekend:)


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